Sea Stories is the visual and textual outlet of landscape photographer Tomas Grootveld. His photography is characterized by rawness and emptyness. A lack of human influence is what makes his heart beat a little faster. His passion for landscape photography started taking shape around ten years ago. In this period of his life, Tomas started traveling, in search of waves and empty horizons.

This search has resulted in a great collection of landscape photography from all over the world. The search is still going strong and new horizons are frequently discovered. Tomas is currently living in Haarlem, the Netherlands. His gallery is updated on a regular basis. Prints are available in different sizes and can be printed on different materials. Contact details can be found through the Contact page.


🌈 | Trying to make the world a better place

🌍 | Trip that changed my life: Spitsbergen, 2015

❄️ | On top of the travel bucketlist: Greenland